When an OEM Battery Isn’t Always the Best Option

I worked for a device manufacturer much of my career, and I do believe original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries can be the gold standard, AS LONG AS YOU BUY THEM FROM THE OEM OR A TRUSTED SELLER.


At Battery Giant, we generally sell third-party replacement batteries for cell phones rather than OEM batteries.  That’s because we are supported by a third-party national warehouse that works hard to stock all cell phone replacement batteries.  Buying such a battery from us, you have pretty high confidence that it works.  We work with this warehouse day in and day out, so we know their quality.  Also, we stand behind it with a 1 year warranty.

Unless you know otherwise, assume that OEM cell phone batteries may well be as old as the phone you are replacing the batteries for.  We had the Samsung battery in the photo dropped off by a customer recycling this week.  They said they bought it on the Internet, tried it with their phone, and diagnosed their phone as bad.  They then dropped it off with us, saying it was nominally new, so we could either recycle it or pass it along to someone who needed it.

We tested it.  It tested bad.  It sat on someone’s shelf too long.  Batteries are perishable like fruit.  Especially for older phones, it is better to buy third-party replacement cell phone batteries from us than to buy OEM batteries from an untrusted internet source.  Our batteries likely have been manufactured more recently.  Now there can be trusted interested sources.  But if you can’t sort out the untrusted or trusted ones, that is another reason to come to  Battery Giant.  We work to make things right.

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