ROI on Battery Maintenance

Return on Investment

Something stops working in the office.  An EXIT sign light goes out, the backup battery for your server is no longer functioning so when the power goes out, all active sessions are lost and employee productivity stops!  What is the true ROI in working with a Battery Vendor such as Battery Giant of Pittsburgh?

Exit Sign batteriesFactors to consider when calculating ROI (Return on Investment):

  • Crisis versus Proactive approach – does pricing really matter when the computer goes down?
  • Lost employee productivity in searching for the correct battery for the application.
  • Shipping costs for a battery when a local vendor can provide free pick-up and delivery.
  • Lost time and productivity waiting for the new battery to be shipped.
  • Installation – not all personnel are trained to install the replacement battery.
  • Elimination of duplicate batteries from different departments requiring the same battery but when ordering from different vendors the batteries have different product numbers.
  • Quantity of scale when ordering like products.
  • Ability to provide repair services for some types of situations.
  • Quality of batteries by utilizing East Penn Manufacturing’s Made in PA batteries.

With a prepared plan, batteries are inventoried and replaced prior to a crisis.  No more frantic calling, accepting multiple prices for the same battery and waiting for shipping when on site delivery is just a phone call away.  Why chance fate when you can rely on Battery Giant PGH for battery repairs and planned battery replacement before the crisis hits?

Battery Giant PGH UPS Free Installation

If you have any questions about any of our battery products or need assistance finding your particular replacement battery, please let us know. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions that you may have about our battery products or replacement batteries. Please feel free to contact us at (724) 741-6200 or stop in and see us soon! Please like our fanpage for our latest specials, news and valuable information and follow us on twitter!

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