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We’ve all been there: your cell phone’s battery is in the red with no place to charge in sight. This can be at best a mild annoyance, or at worst an urgent situation such as in an emergency. In either case, peace of mind is what a power bank provides. While they are gaining in popularity, power banks are still a mystery to many. Simply put, a power bank is a portable battery power supply. Ranging in capacity from 2,000 mAh (charging a cell phone one time) to upwards of 13,000 mAh (charging a cell phone many times), these handy little gadgets can be carried in your pocket, purse, backpack or glove compartment. In addition to charging cell phones, they can also charge your tablet, digital camera, MP3 player, GPS, or handheld game system. Some even have two charging ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously!

Examples of two different power banks. Cell phone is attached to a 10,000 mAh 2 port bank.

Examples of two different power banks. Cell phone is attached to a 10,000 mAh 2 port bank.

After using your power bank to charge your phone or other device, simply plug the unit in to your computer or USB wall adapter to re-charge it, and it is ready for the next time you need it. To make re-charging even easier, we also have the new CHARGELIGHT from NOCO. This power bank is a dockable, rechargeable and portable LED flashlight and battery pack for any USB device. The dock, which is included, also has an additional USB port in the front so that you can charge a device and your power bank at the same time in your home or office.


The CHARGELIGHT is a power bank with integrated flashlight that comes with a charging dock you drop it into – no cables required to charge.

The different colors and styles available make choosing your power bank even more fun. Stop in today and find the one that fits your lifestyle, or to give the gift of power to your friends and family, and never worry about a dead battery again!


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