NOCO Genius Boosts – 4 Sizes to Fit Your Charging Needs

Last year we offered 1 size of NOCO Genius boost.  This year we have 4 sizes.  Use them to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds.



The GB20 is sized for power sports – motorcycle and ATVs – as well as small cars.




The GB40 is sized for all gas cars and trucks, as well as small diesels.







The GB70 can handle consumer diesel cars and trucks of all sizes.   If you have  a repair garage, keep one of these around.






Th GB150 has plenty of power for commercial needs.  Keep one in your tow truck or restaurant to boost car after car.  Or if you own a Hummer and love the biggest and best of everything, get one of these.





Lithium-ion jump starters generally include both a flashlight and USB port for charging cell phones and other devices as well.  So you know if you break down you will be able to charge your phone if needed, whether on the road, parked at a trail head, or out on your boat.

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