Ever wonder why your cash register will work if the electric has gone off?  The UPS has a battery backup that keeps essential equipment operating when there’s no power.  But, as with any battery, over time the life of the battery loses its charge and when power is interrupted, businesses that have come to rely on a battery backup to keep their doors open and operations going could be in for a big surprise.


Since we have recently turned the clocks back, now is a good time to pull the plug on your Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).  If the UPS is tested twice a year at non critical times, it should ensure that your backup system is functional.

UPSs are critical to keeping your computers, cash registers, phones, and networks operating during power outages.  But how do you know they work?  The simplest test is to pull the plug (if they are relatively small), or flip the circuit breaker they are on (if they are larger or you have multiple UPSs).

A properly running UPS should do all of these things:

  • Supply power when plugged into the wall.
  • Continue supplying power when unplugged or losing power.
  • Sound an alert when it loses power.
  • Supply power for your designed outage time.
  • If power is not restored, gracefully shut down your system.  If you have connected your UPS to your computer with a data cable, it will signal to the computer when it is time to shut down gracefully.
  • Assuming the UPS weathers the power outage, switch back over to wall power without a glitch.


If the power light is lit, it means your UPS still works as it is supposed to. If not, then that means your UPS battery backup is damaged and may not charge the battery as usual.  The user manual will tell you how long to charge the battery based on its size.  Remember to do this test only at non-critical business times!

Reset the internal circuit breaker by pressing the reset button that is located either on the back or the top of the unit.  Unplug the AC cable of the UPS. If the unit works properly, it will keep the power for your monitor on. However, if your monitor loses power that means your UPS battery is damaged and you probably need to find a new UPS battery backup.

Battery Giant of Pittsburgh can supply batteries for any UPS, from small desk units to rack mount units to whole building UPSs.  We use quality batteries that are often more cost effective than OEM batteries.   Additionally, we supply UPSs from Cyberpower and APC.

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