Lithium-Ion Jump Starters – Compact, Powerful, and Safe – For Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Lawn Tractors, and More!

Most of us have seen and used jumper cables.  And tow trucks and garages have had big and heavy jump boxes with lead acid batteries in them.  New smart lithium-ion jump starters have really changed the game.

Lithium-ion jump starters generally include both a flashlight and USB port for charging cell phones and other devices as well.  So you know if you break down you will be able to charge your phone if needed, whether on the road, parked at a trail head, or out on your boat.

The NOCO Boost is the gold standard in today's lithium ion jump starters for consumer applications.

The NOCO Boost is the gold standard in today’s lithium-ion jump starters for consumer applications

We carry the NOCO Genius Boost, which is the gold standard for this new category of compact, powerful, and safe jump starters.  No sparks – The Boost has reverse polarity production.  It also has a power gauge, so you know now much charge is remaining in it.  While it depends how long you crank the engine,  NOCO claims up to 20 jump starts  per charge.  Lithium ion batteries need to be charged once a year, rather than once every three months for lead acid batteries.  That means that your Boost will more likely work when you need it.   If your boost is for your car, charge it when the seasons change.  If you are a boater, charge it at the start of boating season.  The battery by itself weights 1 lb.  With charging cables and clamps, the whole unit weighs 2.1 lb.

For a video introduction on the NOCO Boost, watch this video


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