How to Handle and Sort Your Recycled Batteries – Help us Please!

Please help us by taking these steps when collecting batteries for recycling – Especially for our Earth Day Battery Recycling Challenge!


Sorting Batteries for Recycling:

Please separate out these into separate bags or containers:

  • Rechargeable batteries – These are most often lithium-ion and NiCad or NiMh batteries.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries – These are you everyday AA, AAA and similar batteries,  These are most often alkaline and heavy duty (zinc carbon) batteries.
  • Button cells – put them in a separate cup or bag.
  • Lead-acid and other big batteries.   Just bring them in separately.


Other Collection Guidelines:

  • Tape over the terminals of any batteries 9V or higher with clear tape.  (Big batteries you carry separately don’t need to be taped)
  • Tape over the terminals of any lithium-ion battery with clear tape.
  • No bags this year, especially for alkalines and other household batteries.   Except it you are carrying all your batteries in a bag as your biggest container.   I know we asked for small bags last year.  Our new recycling partner wants tape, not bags.

Scotch tape is good for small batteries.  Use packing tape for big batteries.

When you bring your batteries in, we will weigh them.


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