Free Battery Recycling – Why We Do it and the Small Print

Battery of Pittsburgh offers free battery recycling every day to consumers and most companies.


Why do we offer free battery recycling?

1. It’s the right thing to do since we sell batteries. All batteries are green so long as they are recycled. If disposed of wrongly they can be toxic waste.
2. It’s a great introduction to people who probably need to buy batteries. Our first interaction is to provide a free service rather than try to make a sale.
3. Our competition charges for some battery recycling. Recycling all batteries for free makes us different.


Why don’t others offer free battery recycling?
Because it cost us money to recycle some batteries. Our competition doesn’t like spending this money to recycle those batteries. On the other hand, some batteries have some value when we recycle them. We have discovered doing the right thing – recycling all batteries – is cost neutral to us. People don’t really care which batteries cost or earn a nominal amount when recycled – so they bring them all to us. They get good karma, we get good karma. Everyone wins by doing the right thing.


What do we ask of companies that we provide free battery recycling for?
We require the company name, location, a contact name, and contact phone and email.  Also,


  1. Do use our green buckets to collect batteries.
  2. Do put clear tape over the terminals of any battery over 9V. Do put clear tape over the terminals of any lithium-ion rechargeable battery as well.
  3. If you collect buckets of batteries at a time, please do separate them with buckets for “Rechargeables” and “Non-rechargeables” at the collection point.


  1.  Please don’t put batteries in bags.


“Most companies” – What company do we and don’t we provide free battery recycling for?
We’ve never charged for battery recycling yet, but would like to put our dibs in for a few situations where we may. These include

  •  Companies not willing to follow our rules for our recycling program. Including those that want to dump batteries on us but not tell us where they are coming from. We also insist as part of the quid pro quo that you use our green battery recycling buckets rather than buckets you are discarding to collect batteries in. We offer free battery recycling, not free bucket disposal.
  • Companies that have industrial quantities of lithium primary batteries that you will never buy from us (and are expensive to recycle). We don’t mind some lithium primary batteries as part of the mix. But you are generating them by the bucket or barrel, that is another matter. We can help you recycle them for a fee.
  • If a company consciously decides to use us for battery recycling but blocks us from even discussing what batteries we can quote for you, we may stop or put a fee on recycling. We are ok if a relationship is slow to develop. However, if all you want in the relationship is to dump on us forever, then we want out.

Again, we have never hit any of these situations and hoping for doing right and good karma getting us through.

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