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Do you need a Reliable Battery for your Electric Wheelchair or Scooters? We can help!

Power Wheelchair Batteries PittsburghWe understand that the need for reliable wheelchair batteries and scooter batteries is growing substantially. This trend is parallel to the aging baby boomer demographic, which accounts for a large spike in population growth after World War II. The age of technology has brought an opportunity for battery operated mobility that just didn’t exist a few years back. A wheelchair battery or scooter battery can serve wonders for an incapacitated individual. As the power source that enables convenient mobility, Wheelchair batteries and scooter batteries must be dependable and able to sustain energy for long periods of time. So while shopping for new or replacement wheelchair or scooter batteries, what are the best types to target?

As the battery experts from Battery Giant PGH we have the following information to share with you. Wheelchairs and scooters are almost exclusively powered by sealed lead-acid batteries. This is a common type seen in popular models, such as the Invacare wheelchair battery. Regular car batteries are sometimes used for cost reasons, but there is a danger of spillage if a car battery is overturned. Also, it’s important to understand that regular car batteries are not designed for deep cycling. The demanding cycling regiments of wheelchairs and scooters cause an undue strain on these batteries and shorten their lives. You should also note that a nickel-based scooter or wheelchair battery would be lighter than lead-acid but are more expensive. Lithium-ion batteries would simply be too delicate, and are a bit costly. Two other reliable brands that are both popular choices among Battery Giant customers are the Jazzy wheelchair battery and the Pride wheelchair battery.

high-tech-wheelchair-battery-replacement pittsburghA new generation of wheelchairs is under development, allowing the device to ’stand up’ and climb stairs. These high-tech wheelchairs use gyroscopes for balancing. To obtain the extra power needed to run its internal computer and electric motors without adding too much weight, nickel-based wheelchair batteries are used. The two-wheeled Segway scooter being touted to solve city transportation’s problems also uses nickel-based batteries. Although these advanced scooters and wheelchairs use a nickel-base battery to support their functions, the best battery for wheelchairs and scooters are the sealed lead-acid type.

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