Attention Nonprofit IT Staffs – We Have Multiple External Battery Units for Enterprise Grade UPSs Available for Donation

As part of our every day battery recycling, we sometimes get in working UPS units. This time, we got something a little different. Direct from the warehouse of a local telephone integrator we have two types of external battery units for enterprise grade UPSs.

First we have two APC chassis that come with 4 APC RBC7 battery modules. These are extension chassis that must be plugged into a compatible APC enterprise grade UPSs that have plugs that allow daisy chained extension modules.
APC External Battery Chassis And RBC7

It will be great if these can be used as complete sets. However, if there is a non-profit that can immediately use some or all of the RBC7 battery modules, you get second dibs on them.

We also have 3 Minuteman Enterprise EBP1 External Batteries units, that again are meant to be daisy-chained off of an enterprise grade Minuteman UPS. We have three of these in their original boxes.

As these units can be daisy-chained, these 3 units can be attached to 3 separate Minuteman UPSs, or all three daisy-chained to the same one.

These units have sat in a warehouse perhaps two years, so their batteries are aged.  But their batteries check out as healthy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you got 2 years of life out of them.   And we can certainly work with any organization to replace end-of-life batteries in any UPSs.

These external battery units are available as a donation to any valid non-profit organization, so that the original donor can take a tax deduction for the gift. As these are specialized items, I appreciate help in forwarding this post to the IT staffs of non-profits large enough to have a need for this much backup capacity.

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