Tips for Healthy Batteries

Battery Tips

10 Ways not to Kill Batteries Prematurely 

1. Always top off your lithium ion battery in your phones, computers, and other portable devices. Deep discharges of Lithium-ion batteries shorten their lives

2. Don’t store lead acid batteries discharged. If storing for more than a month, attach to a battery tender.

Battery Levels3. If your tools have NiCad battery packs, be sure to completely exhaust charge at least once per quarter.

4. If your tools have NiMh battery backs, be sure to completely exhaust their charge at least once per quarter.

5. Heat kills. Store batteries when possible in cool places (but above freezing).

6. Don’t use a standard automobile SLI (Standards, lights, and ignition) battery for deep cycle applications. They meant only to provide high current for short intervals, not moderate for long intervals.

7. Don’t use a deep cycle battery as a starter battery. They are made for moderate current for long intervals, not high current for short intervals.

8. Only use a battery charger designed for the battery chemistry being charged. Not only will the wrong charge algorithm shorten the life of the battery, it may well be dangerous (see Boing 787).

9. Don’t trickle charge Lithion Ion batteries ever.

10. Don’t keep NiCads or NiMh batteries in their chargers for more than a few days. They self discharge quickly, and they experience recurring charge cycles.

A few additional notes:

11. Stop using a lithium ion battery if it becomes unusually warm (seeing Boeing 787).

12. Swelling indicates a battery is at end of life, as the case is filled with gases that cannot escape.

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